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Ruth Williams photographed by Judie Waldmann.







Artist Profiles



Ruth Williams

"I am a dancer and choreographer with learning disabilities. I studied dance with Anjali Dance Company and reached the equivalent to an A-level standard qualification, in choreography. I studied choreography with Siobahan Davies Dance Company, Maresa von Stockert, Motion House Dance Theatre, Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company, Rambert Dance Company and Charlotte Vincent Dance Theatre. I also got the opportunity to study film and video, and took part in a '3 Minute Wonder' film for Channel 4.

Now I regularly perform with Anjali Youth Dance Company. I also teach and mentor young people working with Project Volume and hope to develop my skills as a choreographer.

Recently, I choreographed my first dance piece on a professional non-disabled dancer."

View video documentation below


The Study of Tears | Ruth Williams choreography on Vanessa Cook

Choreographer: Ruth Williams

Dancers: Ruth Williams and Vanessa Cook

Video Format: DV colour stereo

Duration: 3:00 minutes

Ruth's piece was produced through Project Volume's Summer Dance Intensive at Dance Exchange, Birmingham.

It explored the contrasting characteristics of basal tears and reflex tears and was performed at Dance Exchange, on 17th August, 2010


More video and photographic documentation of Ruth's recent dance work can be viewed online at www.thestudyoftears.blogspot.com


Frances Weir photographed by Judie Walmann









Frances Weir







Frances Weir is a professional dancer and has worked extensively with the renowned Anjali Dance Company. Like Ruth Williams, she achieved, working alongside Susan Norwood, the equivalent of an A-level standard in choreography.

Frances is an exceptional performer with an innate gift in both responding and creating choreography. She is currently working with Project Volume as a positive role model and mentor for other young dancers with learning disabilities who are inspired by her talent.

Currently she is focusing on her professional development as a dancer, a choreographer and exploring the relationship between dance and film.




Video documentation

The Study of Tears | Continuous: Two Solos

A dance piece exploring 'tears', choreographed and performed by Frances Weir and Bethany Millns at Dance Exchange, Birmingham on 17 August 2010. Produced as part of Project Volume's Summer Dance Intensive.

Video Format: DV colour stereo

Duration: 3:00 minutes


More video and photographic documentation of Frances' recent dance work can be viewed online at www.thestudyoftears.blogspot.com

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