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Susan Norwood and Suzette Neptune, photographed by Judie Waldmann


Research and Development Phase: Project Volume was founded in concept, in 2007 by Susan Norwood and Suzette Neptune. The founders  met in 2002 whilst Susan Norwood was designing a pioneering accredited dance programme for the Anjali Dance Company as Suzette Neptune became a specialist consultant and teacher of dance technique.

This programme was built around a professional framework of aspiration, provided by direct input from leading dance companies and cultural organisations. This was to ensure a valid base from which to learn and engage with dance. The programme included innovative continual professional development, designed to support and train non-disabled dancers and choreographers in working with dancers with learning disabilities.

On completion of this contract, Susan Norwood
wanted to further and build on the findings from this body of work. Dance has an extraordinary ability to unlock the learning and potental of people with learning disablities and that this ambitious programme of work had only begin to touch the surface of what could be achieved.

Through the foundations of their extensive work and impressive portfolio of experience, having worked with some of the leading dance establishments both in the UK and NYC Susan Norwood and Suzette Neptune founded Project

Project Volume became a Company Ltd by Guarantee, with an established board of four directors chosen for their strength of experience and skills in business and education to complement and support the company's growth.

Susan Norwood, became sole Artistic Director, building the company on her 21 years of experience of working with dance and people with learning disabilities.

The Artistic Director and all other Project Volume collaborators, currently work on a freelance basis in line with available project funding and company growth, as core funding  for full and part time employment of the Director and key staff is established.

The renowned author Philip Pullman became Project Volume's Patron. Susan Norwood was fortunate to be taught by his inspirational creative teaching as a child, which paved the way for a career in the arts.

Project Volume became a charity. Registration number 1129107.

Company Ltd by Guarantee. Registration number 0600543.

Susan Norwood, photographed by Judie Waldmann







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