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What People Say

Photograph by Judie Walmann

  • ''Susan has developed highly effective approaches to work in dance that challenge pre-conceptions about human potential education, art and society in a positive and creative way''

John Hole
Field Chair: Performing Arts, Community and Education
Brookes University Oxford, 2006


  • "For me, she manages, in an exemplary way, the challenge of instilling integrity to the process of making a high quality dance product with the rigour and attention to desired educational outcomes."

Lee Fisher, Head of Creative Learning
Birmingham Royal Ballet, 2006


  • "I have worked in the field of accessibility to art and museums for people with disabilities for almost 20 years, and know how rare it is to find a collegue with such vision, passion and understanding of both the art and disability communities."

Rebecca McGinnis
Museum Educator and Access Coordination
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2009


  • "I highly recommend Project Volume as an art interpretation tool, as an innovative educational resource to be shared with museums around the world, and as a benchmark for other museum education departments to reach out and to inspire those with disabilities"

DeeGee Lester
Education Director
The Parthenenon
Nashville, Tennessee 2008







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