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What We Can Do For You

Ruth Williams, Susan Norwood, Frances Weir. Photograph by Judie Walmann

Project Volume works in and for schools, Universities, galleries and dance organisations, working with all levels of ability. Our bespoke and pioneering work reflects and uses the unique methods of its Artistic Director Susan Norwood, who has been developing these methods for over twenty years.

We offer:

  • Choreographic and dance residencies for dancers with learning disabilities
  • dance and visual art residencies (for more profound disabilities, or integrated groups)
  • Integrated choreographic and dance residencies for mainstream and  young people with learning disabilities
  • Insets for teachers and educators
  • Practical training and consultancy in how to work with dancers with learning disabilities
  • Conference presentations and workshops on dance, disability access and equality

Our Approach

Project Volume's approach is person centered and encourages an equality and validation of each participant's contribution to the creative process. It is gentle and understanding of those who may initially feel anxious about learning to dance, whilst encouraging a challenging and enquiring environment. Sessions are structured to mirror a professional dance setting, so that a professional attitude to dance, performing and team working is established from the start.

Project Leading

Projects are either led solely by Project Volume, or in collaboration with filmmakers, photographers and choreographers  who have an established track record of working with the company.

Project Volume wherever possible leads projects with the vital assistance of a dancer with learning disabilities, or artist to ensure that peer learning, aspiration and equality are actively encouraged.

"I surprised myself very much, because I did not enjoy ever doing dance before and I was always nervous but the teacher helped me with my dance." A sixth form student with learning disabilities

"Yes, I learnt that people who are different should be treated the same." 9yr old participants commenting on what they had learnt, working on an integrated schools project.


  • One autistic child describing the 'sound', the 'voice' of a painting in the National Portrait Gallery
  • A child insisting that they dance without their wheelchair
  • All participants (including those with Autisim) from one school participating and contributing to the final session.
  • One child aged 12 yrs drawing a face for the first time
  • Three children participating in imaginary play for the first time
  • The increased confidence in dance and risk taking of a group of sixth formers with learning disabilities


Why not contact us to discuss your proposals and ideas?

Email: info@projectvolume.org







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