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31.01.2011 — 04.02.2011


Modern Art Oxford hosts a residency for artists and dancers to exchange their physical and visual vocabularies in response to the current sculptural exhibition, Thomas Houseago: What Went Down.

Led by Susan Norwood, Artistic Director of Project Volume, this residency will culminate in dancers creating their own choreography. The resulting work, Intonation, will be performed at the Gallery on Friday 4 February.

The performances of Intonation will give a unique insight into the perceptions of the exhibition by dancers and a visual artist, who will articulate their ideas through dance. Non-disabled dancer, Haley Arundel, will also perform to illustrate the potential that learning disabled artists have in contributing to our cultural landscape.

Those being profiled are visual artist Danny Smith and dancers Frances Weir and Ruth Williams, affiliated with Anjali Dance Company; and Chris Pavia from StopGAP Dance Company. Filmmaker Riccardo Iacono will capture the exchange between artist and dancers, revealing the interaction of ideas.

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Ruth Williams. Photographed by Judie Waldmann



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