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Speaking Out

Project Volume regularly contributes to conferences and debate...

  • Onwards & Upwards Youth Dance England Conference,2009. Project Volume contributed to the Information Exchange, discussing approaches and examples of integrated dance work which promote both equality and a successful creative process.
  • Moving Matters, Coventry University, 2008. Project Volume led an interactive session and showed footage of a recent Palatine funded research project, 'An Equal Reflection' at Brookes University, which featured integrated groups working with dance as a communication tool. Susan Norwood then discussed the broader issues for Higher Education. She argued that, to increase the participation of disabled dancers in HE, we need to look at dance provision from an early age to enable them to have the required skills to enter HE. And that we need to look at contextual and historical studies to ensure disability is included within our learning of cultural history. A resource, Moving Matters, for Higher Education is now available from Coventry University.
  • Art Beyond Sight,  at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2007. A session co-led by Susan Norwood and Suzette Neptune. Museum professionals from around the world gathered at the Met to share knowledge and best practices for implementing or expanding access to the visual arts to millions of blind and visually impaired visitors.

"The most impressive and valuable session of the conference was the Project Volume workshop, allowing the participatory interpretation of works of art through the mediums of movement and dance. Body/movement awareness, a renewed awareness of stretching through space, the capturing of the mood, line and pose of sculpture, brought to each participant a new appreciation for art and the skills of the artist."

DeeGee Lester
Education Director
The Parthenon
Nashville, Tennessee








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