Funding & Support


Thanks to:

The Board; The Norwood Family; OCVA; Ruth Williams, Dancer; Danny Nasipour, Artist; Corali Dance Company; MoMA, New York; Modern Art Oxford; Jude and Philip Pullman; Selly Oak Trust School, Birmingham; The Lift Creative Services; Oliver Scott, Mercurial Dance; Birmingham Dance Exchange; Youth Dance England; The Metropolitan Museum, New York; Suzette Neptune, Candoco; Kenneth Tharp (OBE); The Place; Riccardo Iacono, Artist Filmmaker; Clinton Osborne, The Animation Station; Judie Waldmann, Photographer; Jesse Darling, Artist; Vanessa Cook, Dance Artist; Hayley Arundel, Dance Artist; The National Portrait Gallery; Lee Fisher, Birmingham Royal Ballet; DeeGee Lester, The Parthenon Tennessee; Spa School; Action Space; The Anjali Dancers; Corali Dance Company; The Saatchi Gallery; Foundation of Community of Dance.

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