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Project Volume is a new dance organisation, committed to providing opportunity, access and advocacy for people with learning disabilities to create and develop professional dance skills, thereby raising their potential, profile, voice and visibility within our society.

Project Volume's objective is that all dancers-disabled and non-disabled-contribute fully to artistic practice and that perceptions of intelligence and/or ability are continually challenged.

Project Volume uses dance to promote the artistic skills of people with learning disabilities. For some, this will mean real and viable opportunities to work and train professionally within the dance world at large. This includes roles as performers, teachers, choreographers, filmmakers and mentors. For others, dance will be the vehicle equipping the learner with skills, which translate to a wider choice of careers, engagement and participation within our culture and society.

Project Volume is a charity and company limited by guarantee.

Charity number: 1129107
Company number: 0600543

Ruth Williams photographed by Judie Waldmann








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